Harry Potter


Broken Curse

Background Harry Potter / Hermione Granger. After the war, Harry is called to the Gringotts to answer for his actions. 

Khalon’s Charge

Prompt: Monthly Drabbles – January 2019
Relationship(s): none
Summary: Awakening of child sentinel.

Locket in a Cave

Prompt: Variations on Theme – Cave
Relationship(s): backround Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Summary: Retrieval of the locket horcrux.


Mentions of Lily Evans / James Potter, Hermione Granger / Draco Malfoy. Post war. Azkaban life. Ponderings of Lucius Malfoy on the mudbloods.

Night of Abandon

Lily Evans / Sirius Black. Sirius finally got what he always wanted, James be damned.


Brief Lily Evans / Salazar Slytherin. Salazar Slytherin’s thoughts and regrets at his death bed.


Prompt: Thursday Vignettes – November 1, 2018
Relationship(s): Athanasius(OMC)/Helaine(OFC)
Summary: Origin of magic.

Other Choice

Gen. Harry makes a different choice when he sits under the Sorting Hat.

Painful Memories

Brief Lily Evans / Tom Riddle. What does Voldemort see when he is near Dementors? His mother’s death? Maybe murder of his father. Or that fateful Halloween night?

The Dress

Prompt: Thursday Vignettes – November 29, 2018
Relationship(s): backround Harry Potter / Hermione Granger
Summary: Hermione tries on her wedding dress for the first time.


Prompt: Variations on Theme – Sword
Relationship(s): gen
Summary: The sword had many names during the long years it existed.

Werewolf’s Mate

Lily Evans / Remus Lupin. Finding one’s mate should be the cause of celebration.


Kneazle’s Kitten

Gen. Minerva McGonagall never allowed any man to dictate the path of her life. And she didn’t intend to start with that meddling fool and let him get away with leaving poor Harry on the doorsteps of those horrible muggles, even if she had to take care of the little boy herself. 

art by Helgatwb

Little Dragon Awakes

Gen. The Third Task of that Merlin forsaken Tournament caused Harry to be kidnapped. He was brought to the graveyard to witness the resurrection of Lord Voldemort. Harry watched with horror as his nemesis rose from the cauldron – alive again. With no other choice left he stands to fight against the Dark Lord.

Once, In the Summer

Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Narcissa Malfoy fled with her son to France before Voldemort was defeated by little Harry Potter and refused to return. Her son, Draco, attends another wizarding school and would like to be a curse breaker in the future. During summer before his 6th year, he is doing an internship with the best human curse breaker there is, deep in the Egyptian desert. He was ready to learn from the best, to impress his future employers, if not for a distraction in the form of a pretty dark-haired English boy with enchanting green eyes and penchant to get into trouble. 

Art by AngelicInsanity

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