Stargate: Atlantis



Relationship(s): Rodney McKay / John Sheppard
Prompt: Variations on Theme – Kiss
Summary: spoilers (Tao of Rodney), temporary character death

Stand alone Stories

Sheltered in Your Soul (LBD 2016)

Rodney McKay / John Sheppard. Malfunctioning Ancient devices and newly awakened guide gifts don’t mix, as McKay finds out.

when we met again

Tony Dinozzo / John Sheppard. Tony DiNozzo, disenchanted by the betrayals he suffered in Baltimore, left the police work behind. Well, at least he tried. Years down, he works as a successful private investigator and consultant for various agencies in DC. But his last case made him stumble into a mess centered around John Sheppard. Tony soon finds himself way over his head, on the run and tangled with a man that was his first crush.