Alec Lightwood meets someone really interesting on one of his secret outings.


Magnus abhorred his birthdays since he understood how he came to be.


Pre-Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane. The rune on Alec’s neck always made the things more difficult than they should be. Especially, when he was meeting with a gorgeous warlock.

Demon Towers

The origin of Demon Towers that protected Alicante, wasn’t what Nephilims thought it was.


Magnus breaks up with Alec in the aftermath of Soul Sword debacle.

Last Love

Past Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane. Magnus’s last sacrifice.


Raziel’s creation of the Nephilim race and the Shadowhunters was a big no-no. Now, he had to reap the consequences of his actions.


Magnus spends a quiet evening reading Alec a children book. And there is a discussion.

The Deal

Implied Sammael / Raziel, backround Alec Lightwood / Magnus. Raziel makes a deal with devil.

Those Golden Eyes

Alec Lightwood is in Pandemonium to meet with the High Warlock of Brooklyn for the first time. 

Unexpected Surprise

Bored Prince of Hell Magnus Bane becomes aware of an unfulfilled deal.



Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane. During a patrol, Alec Lightwood, interim Head of New York Institute, came upon a summoning gone wrong – with everyone dead and only one warlock holding back a horde of demons. As warlock’s barrier shattered, Alec awakened as Raziel’s chosen, something he never expected to do. And now he has a reluctant guide in the warlock he saved to convince they are destined to be together.

hurricane 2

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