Amad’s Secret

Prompt: Variations on Theme – Hate
Fandom: The Hobbit
: backround fem!Bilbo Baggins / Thorin Oakenshield , fem!Bilbo Baggins / Nori
Summary: Tween Durin VII. finds out his amad’s secret.

Autumn Fairy

Prompt: Monthly Drabbles – June 2019
Fandom: The Hobbit
Relationship(s): implied fem Bilbo Baggins / Thorin Oakenshield
Summary: Bellanore grows wings on the first day of autumn.

Before Fate

Aulë comes to his daughter before it’s time for her to be reborn for the last time.

Belladonna’s Adventure

Prompt: Monthly Drabbles – February 2019
Fandom: The Hobbit
Relationship(s): gen
Summary: Belladonna Took arrives to the dwarf settlement in Ered Luin.


Past fem!Bilbo Baggins / Thorin Oakenshield , past fem!Bilbo Baggins / Nori. Durin visits his mother and curiousity gets better of him.

Contractual Obligations

Prompt: One Sentence – Bilbo Baggins & Smaug
Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo Baggins / Thorin Oakenshield
Summary: Bilbo Baggins accidentally kills Smaug and has to figure out how to tell the dwarrow who are waiting for him to come back with that stupid stone.


Pre-fem!Bilbo/Thorin. Maribella Baggins was done. She was done with the rude dwarrow, especially with their leader, the rudest of them all. She was going back to Shire, and no one has better stay in her way.


Prompt: Variations on Character – OFC
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion
Relationship(s): gen
Summary: The past, the present and the (probable) future of the last scion of elves in the waning days of the Age of Men.


Prompt: Thursday Vignettes – February 21, 2019
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion
Relationship(s): mentioned Maglor/OFC
Summary: Musings of the one left behind.


Prompt: Thursday Vignettes – October 25, 2018
Fandom: The Hobbit
Relationship(s): fem Bilbo / Frerin
Summary: A day in life of the tween Bellanore Baggins.

Last King

Prompt: Monthly Drabbles – February 2019
Lord of the Rings
backround Bilbo / Thorin, Gimli / Legolas
Durin’s memories of his first sight of Erebor.


Prompt: Variations on Character – Rule 63
Fandom: Hobbit
Pairing: fem Bilbo / Nori, backround fem Bilbo / Thorin
Summary: Finding happiness is almost impossible, when one is trapped in a marriage.


Prompt: Variations on Theme – Wet
Fandom: The Hobbit
Relationship(s): fem Bilbo / Thorin
Summary: After the Battle of Five Armies the hobbit queen of Erebor finds herself widowed.

With Hope

Prompt: Monthly Drabbles – April 2019
Fandom: The Hobbit
Relationship(s): implied Bilbo Baggins / Thorin Oakenshield
Summary: Bilbo’s last journey.


Iklalu Iklaladrân (WIP)

Belladonna / Bungo, pre Bilbo/Thorin. The blizzard came without warning, swiftly sweeping through the unprepared Shire. Belladonna, Took wife of the Baginns, opened her home to the dwarrow stranded in Hobbiton during sudden onset of winter. She didn’t expect their rude leader to take shine to her son Bilbo.

The Seventh Star

Past fem Durin / OMC, fem Gimli / Legolas. In the lake near Durin’s Door Gimli finds something unexpected – a crown. She guides the Fellowship through the halls of Khazad-dûm with the increasing sense of familiarity. As soon as they encounter balrog, she awakens as the last incarnation of Durin. Legolas is her One, her husband from her first life, reborn from his death in the War of Wrath. Saddened by Gandalf’s death and disappointed that Legolas doesn’t seem to remember her she leads Fellowship to Lothlórien.


A Matter of…

Bilbo, half-Took half-Baggins, never belonged anywhere. He lived his ordinary life in the Shire, completely at ease with ignoring his nosy relatives. When a troop of dwarrows came to his smial, he didn’t expect to find his sentinel in one of them. Thorin, would-be-king of Erebor and strong sentinel, was long resigned to never find his guide. A side-trip to the Shire to enlist the help of a hobbit burglar got him a surprise he wasn’t prepared for.


Their bonding destined them for the greatness. It was long thought that the hostile relations between dwarrows and elves made the sentinel-guide bonding between those races impossible. Everyone knew that. And everyone was wrong.

Damned Heritage

The Age of Men is coming to its end. The evil is spreading from the east, as an ancient enemy wakes from his long sleep. Elarinya, half-elf daughter of Maglor Fëanorion, is finding out that you can’t escape your destiny, no matter how far you run, as the sins of her family come to haunt her.


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