Art for “Duty to Love” by starlitenite

This is art for the 2022 Every Fandom Reverse Bang story “Duty to Love” written by starlitenite.

Many thanks to starlitenite for choosing my art as an inspiration for her story.

Link to the Story

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When We Met Again

Title: When We Met Again
Author: kiayea
Art: Rivermoon1970, link to the story banner: author’s WP
Prompt: Every Fandom Reverse Bang 2022
Fandom: NCIS, SGA
Relationship(s): Anthony Dinozzo / John Sheppard
Content Rating: R
Word Count: 6744
Warnings: AU, Anthony DiNozzo Never Worked For NCIS, On the Run, Canon-Typical Violence, Major Character Injury, Developing Relationship, Timeline What Timeline
Summary: Tony DiNozzo, disenchanted by the betrayals he suffered in Baltimore, left the police work behind. Well, at least he tried. Years down, he works as a successful private investigator and consultant for various agencies in DC. But his last case made him stumble into a mess centered around John Sheppard. Tony soon finds himself way over his head, on the run and tangled with a man that was his first crush.
AN: Many thanks to Rivermoon1970 for making the brilliant banner that sparked idea for this story.

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Once, in the Summer

Title: Once, in the Summer
Author: kiayea
Art: AngelicInsanity (within story)
Prompt: Every Fandom Reverse Bang 2022
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy
Content Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9643
Warnings: AU, different first meeting, canon level violence, Draco doesn’t go to Hogwarts, First Love, Summer Love, Developing relationship, Friendship, Shadows of War, Angst with Hopeful Ending, Open Ended
Summary: Narcissa Malfoy fled with her son to France before Voldemort was defeated by little Harry Potter and refused to return. Her son, Draco, attends another wizarding school and would like to be a curse breaker in the future. During summer before his 6th year, he is doing an internship with the best human curse breaker there is, deep in the Egyptian desert. He was ready to learn from the best, to impress his future employers, if not for a distraction in the form of a pretty dark-haired English boy with enchanting green eyes and penchant to get into trouble. 
AN1: Many thanks to AngelicInsanity for the banner that sparked idea for this story and awesome additional art.
AN2: The term dverger describing goblins belongs to Keira Marcos.

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Amrâlimê 3: The Ring

Title: Amrâlimê 3: The Ring
Author: kiayea
Art: g-love99, link to art post: AO3
Series: Amrâlimê
Series Order: 3
: Every Fandom Bang 2021
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Sentinel
Relationship(s): fem Gimli/Legolas, past fem Narví/Celebrimbor
Content Rating: R
Word Count
: 20166
Warnings: AU, implied & explicit character death, canon level violence, graphic violence, brief sex-interlude, discussions of murder and torture, mind manipulation, kidnapping, One Ring shenanigans
Summary: With dragon dead and Erebor more-or-less secure for the moment, Gimli decided to take the Ring from Bilbo, just like she promised in Esgaroth, and together with her sentinel set out to Mordor to destroy it. And of course, their journey wouldn’t run smoothly.
AN:  Translations: Lukhdel = light of all lights, Izgilê = my moon, Izgil = moon (bright silver-coloured one), amrâlimê = my love (love of mine), Ylva = wolf, Eirik = eternal ruler
AN2: To awesome g-love99. Thank you for your hard work on the art for this story. It’s wonderful and brilliant and I fell in love with every picture as soon as I saw them.

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Kneazle’s Kitten

Title: Kneazle’s Kitten
Author: kiayea
Art: Helgatwb
Prompt: Every Fandom Bang 2021
Fandom: Harry Potter, vaguely Lord of the Rings
Relationship(s): none
Content Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6442
Warnings: AU, implied character death, canon level violence, Dumbledore’s underhanded dealings,
Summary: Minerva McGonagall never allowed any man to dictate the path of her life. And she didn’t intend to start with that meddling fool and let him get away with leaving poor Harry on the doorsteps of those horrible muggles, even if she had to take care of the little boy herself. 
AN: For my sister and her newly adopted (and adorable as hell) cat. Thanks for inspiration to write this fic.
AN2: For Helgatwb, the best artist a writer could wish for. I loved working with you. You are brilliant and awesome being and your art is out of this world. Thank you!
AN3: The dverger belong to Keira Marcos. Her idea of Tolkien dwarrow evolving into dverger became part of my headcanon.

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A Hundredth of a Second

Title: A Hundredth of a Second
Author: kiayea
Art: rivermoon1970 – link to art
Prompt: EFRB 2020
Fandom: NCIS
Relationship(s): Tony Dinozzo/OMC
Content Rating: R
Word Count
: 10755
Warnings: AU, vague timelines, canon-level violence, Tony leaves NCIS (eventually), implied child-abuse, homophobia, language
Summary: After a gruelling case in L.A. Tony encounters his first love. As they reconnect and their relationships deepens, Tony stands before a hard decision – to stay or to leave NCIS.
AN:  Many thanks to rivermoon1970 for the lovely picture that inspired this story and brilliantly made additional art; her comments and encouragement that prodded me to go out of my comfort zone and write this fic.

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Little Dragon Awakes

Title: Little Dragon Awakes
Author: kiayea
Art: penumbria – art can be found here
Prompt: EFB 2020 – theme: Fated
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): gen
Content Rating: PG-13
Word Count
: 5732
Warnings: AU, no beta, major character death, canon-level violence
Summary: The Third Task of that Merlin forsaken Tournament caused Harry to be kidnapped. He was brought to the graveyard to witness the resurrection of Lord Voldemort. Harry watched with horror as his nemesis rose from the cauldron – alive again. With no other choice left he stands to fight against the Dark Lord.
AN: Credit to Keira Marcos who infected me with the idea of goblins being dwarrows.

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