I’m dedicating this page to the stories I’m planing to write / finish / post during 2023 (not including ficlets, I often write on whim). I have other on-going projects I may or may not finish during the year, but mostly I’m going to concentrate on these fics:

Unfinished Rough Trade Projects

  • Paladin 2: Birth of Legend (LBD 2018) – Completed, editing
  • Unspoken Love (Hobbit / LotR fic, RT April 2021) – Completed, editing
  • Frozen Heart (Shadowhunters, RT July 2021) – Completed, editing
  • Unconditionally (Shadowhunters, RT November 2021) – 47% done
  • Feral (LBD 2018) – 1st part done
  • Firestorm (Shadowhunters / Sentinel, RT April 2022) – 1st part done
  • Iklalu Iklaladrân (RT November 2019) – 65% done


  • Nothing for 2023 (yet), but I might decide to join RT later in the year


  • Dark Lily Series (6 drabbles) – series I had posted on Fanfiction net years ago, no longer available online until I finish editing
  • Love through the Time (30k) – old story I had also posted on FFN, no longer available online until I finish editing

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