Unexpected Surprise

Title: Unexpected Surprise
Author: kiayea
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Relationship(s): pre-Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane
Content Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 914
Warnings: AU – different first meeting
Summary: Bored Prince of Hell Magnus Bane becomes aware of an unfulfilled deal.

Being bored was a mood Magnus was perfectly familiar with since he chose (was guilted) to remain in the Edom to help his father against Lilith. And as his father found out to his own detriment, he was a very attentive pupil to all lessons Asmodeus deemed to teach him. (And some that he taught himself.) As soon as he grew out of his difficult teen years, and got his head screwed on right, he showed Asmodeus the full might of his most powerful, and annoyed with his constant demands, son.  

Fine. His current situation was his own doing. At least, Magnus could own to it. He didn’t quite think of all the consequences when he pushed his father into Limbo for a little time-out (after all what are several centuries for an immortal demon) after he had gone too far with his interference in the matters that certainly weren’t any of his concern, and got rid of his then-lover. A distraction from his duties by Asmodeus’s own words. And that was what annoyed the impetuous barely of age Magnus to make his point by banishing his father for the time being.

And as a result, Magnus got stuck with Edom as the realm latched on his magic and claimed him as her ruler, much to Lilith’s fury. Sometimes, he was tempted to cut his father some slack and summon him back to Edom to get him to deal with whiny underlings and Lilith’s constant attacks. Mostly, when the monotony was getting to him. Whiny demons, some backstabbing to liven up things for a bit, more whiny demons, Lilith and her ill-begotten son’s attacks, and did he mention whiny demons? 

Rare visits to Earth didn’t satisfy his strange restlessness anymore. Now, that he was thinking about it, it started about twenty years ago. And probably it was his own fault for getting involved in the mess. But he was soooo bored then. It happened during the months-long period devoid of any attacks from Lilith, which was strange on its own, and coincidently about the same time as a little civil war erupted in the Earth realm, splitting the Nephilim race into two warring factions, when a desperate new mother summoned him to save her son and he, in the exceedingly singular moment of feeling generous, decided to help her. Not for free, of course; he was a son of a Prince of Hell and his father wouldn’t let him hear the end of it (if he got free of Limbo anytime soon) if he didn’t capitalize on the female’s desperation and made a deal.

How the time flies… The warlock frowned, as he counted again. And yes, he was right. The twenty years have already passed. Magnus leaned back, as his fingers thrummed against the ridiculous ornaments on his throne’s armrests. He almost forgot about the entire matter – how for Edom’s sake had that happened? – as the unfulfilled deal, he just became aware of, was tugging at him insistently.

In Magnus’s humble opinion, it was a blessing to be a warlock, and getting the best of both worlds – the immense power of his demon parent and unrestrained access to the Earth realm. He could go upside as he pleased, no summoning needed, much to the displeasure of angels, but what could those winged annoyances do? They were forbidden to directly interfere with the Earth realm, and their Nephilim descendants were too full of themselves and their blood much too diluted to be a serious threat to him. Besides, it was very nice to have the majority of Downworld leaders in his debt because of the protection he offered against their angel-blooded oppressors during the rare times he was present for the conflicts between their races.

Aaaand… he was back at the matter of female Nephilim, her son and the deal. Strange, how his thoughts circled back to this, now that he was aware of the issue. 

Magnus rose, nodding to himself. Lilith was soundly beaten several days ago and was going to lick her wounds for a foreseeable time. Her son was doing something on her behalf upside (and he should look into that when he had some time), so no immediate threat from that corner. His demons were currently cowed by his latest show of power and success of another win over the upstart demoness, so he could probably take a little vacation in the Earth realm to resolve the debt owed to him. 

With a wave of his hand and blue magic leaping eagerly from his fingers to do his bidding, Magnus sealed the castle against uninvited guests and unwelcomed presents they loved to leave at his gates. He took a deep breath and opened the portal, following the pull of an unfulfilled deal to the Earth realm. Between one breath and another, the warlock was standing directly in front of a tall and armed to the teeth Shadowhunter. 

Magnus’s cat eyes widened in surprise, as he took in the black curls and blue eyes set in the lovely face of young Nephilim, and his heart lurched in his chest. His forearm flared with pain, and the warlock rolled up his sleeve to see what the fuss was about. The action that was mirrored by the lovely Nephilim, as he noticed. Letter by letter a name wrote itself on his previously bare forearm.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood

Startled Magnus looked up from his arm into shocked blue eyes staring back at him. 



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